Spectacular Cable Cam Tracking Shots... Now Easier & More Affordable!

ZipCam is the world’s lightest, most affordable, proven point-to-point cable cam system for professional cable suspended camera tracking shots.

Our cable cam accommodates digital and film cameras, features streamlined installation and operation, unique lightweight stabilizer, remote head with wireless pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, and frame rate. Plus, our low-tension wire cam rigging is much safer than highly-torqued cables on other cable cam systems.

When you want the unique perspective of a cable camera without the expense and complications of heavy, bulky rigs and complex systems, ZipCam is the logical choice.

Available for hire worldwide, including Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, Vancouver, Toronto, Mumbai India, and elsewhere.
first generation cable camera

  For Hire Worldwide
  Toll Free 888-947-2269
  International 267-893-5600 (to USA)
  Email help@zipcam.com


ZipCam moves your camera along suspended cable and is a complete cable cam system; a/k/a superflycam, super flycam, point-to-point flying camera system, cable dolly, wirecam, zipline flying cable camera, wire cam rig, aerial cable-suspended camera for feature films, episodic television, commercials.

Names and logos: "ZipCam", "SuperFlyCam" and "Super Flycam" are our registered trademarks for cable-suspended flying cameras for film, digital cinema, and digital video shoots. The name, cablecam, is a trademark of cablecam inc, but is often used generically.


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