The words, skycam, spidercam, spydercam, flycam, actioncam, condorcam, navcam, and vectorcam and vector-cam are sometimes used as a generic reference for cable cam systems. However, these are trademarks of various entities; specifically skycam inc, spidercam gmbh, tim rrnec (spydercam), pat hally (flycam usa), cctioncam llc, condorcam, fisher technical services, and velocity stunts inc (vectorcam, vector-cam) respectively; and we are not affiliated with them. Super Flycam was originally designed for motion picture film cameras, whereas Flycam is limited to video production. Taking into account crew size, safety, setup time, operation, results, and pricing…our system is less cumbersome, easier to use and more affordable than spydercam, skycam, condorcam, actioncam, vectorcam, navcam, and spidercam systems.
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