ZipCam is an ultralight stabilized wire-borne flying camera; also known as a cable cam. It is the smallest and lightest professional system in the world; just 1/10 the weight of most other systems.

ZipCam's low-tension rigging, sensible design and easy setup make it the most production-friendly, cost-effective point-to-point system available.

  • Wireless zoom, focus, iris & camera-run via custom MDR-II Preston (Preston Speed/Aperture box available)
  • Wireless pan & tilt by joystick control via Preston
  • Video assist transmitter and receiver


  • Speed, Parameters: 25-30 mph depending on configuration; winch system, two axis v-rig, elevator rig (available); ultra-flat or ultra-long deployment (available). Vertical high speed crane simulation (available).

  • Weight: Suspended system weighs thirty pounds, excluding skate...and that is about one-tenth the weight of most other systems). The camera + lens payload capacity is thirty pounds.
  • Maximum span: 1200 - 3700 feet, depending on location and conditions.

  • ZipCam is designed to be safely deployed close to the action... between attachment points and structures that would not support heavier systems.

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